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The blue light that gives the sky its colour, is sufficiently bright to make all the stars that we see at night disappear since the light they emit is much dimmer.

Why the sky is blue

You might also notice that the sky tends to be most vibrant overhead and fades to pale as it reaches the horizon. This is because the light from the horizon has had further to travel through the air and so has been scattered and rescattered. The Earth's surface also plays a role in scattering and reflecting this light. As a result of this increased amount of scattering, the dominance of blue light is decreased and so we see an increased amount of white light.

Dawud Wharnsby - The Blue Sky Is Blue (Like Blue Bubblegum) lyrics

What weather conditions are typically associated with areas of high and low pressure? Weather fronts mark the boundary or transition zone between two air masses and have an important impact up…. Why is the sky blue? Why does the blue fade towards the horizon? European researchers have discovered that light from the blue part of the spectrum influences the emotions in a positive way, making us more responsive to emotional stimuli and more adaptable to emotional challenges [source: Opfocus ]. But we digress. The reason the sky appears blue is because of an effect called scattering.

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Crayola C. Gallego and Sanz [13]. Pantone TPX [15]. Air Force blue.

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