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Dragon Lords

Whether you're trying to relive the early seasons or you want to create a group costume look based on the epic and controversial final 8th season of the series in You know how you feel when you hear it. Da duh. Da da duh duh. The hit HBO show has smashed records worldwide and created legions of dedicated fans! Scroll down to see our top selling Game of Thrones costume styles along with extra tips, tricks, and ideas to see if we can get you started on your Game of Thrones costume journey.

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Because Valar Dohaeris. All men must serve…in costume! From Pentos to Qarth to Meereen, then to Westeros, and even all the way up beyond the Wall, we've rooted for and followed Daenerys Targaryen on her long journey. She didn't have much in her humble beginnings, but by the series finale, she had amassed 3 dragons, several armies, and thousands of dedicated supporters.

Check out these Khaleesi inspired costumes to see if any of them represent the moment you're looking to capture in your Daenerys Targaryen costume cosplay! Complete your look with a Drogon shoulder prop , and you too will be ready to rule with fire. Flash forward to season 8 of Game of Thrones , and Dany is wearing thick furs and luxurious gowns to match her claim as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Case in point, her luxurious, white fur jacket worn at Winterfell and beyond the wall.

We've worked to replicate that style and pay homage to the incredible Game of Thrones costume designer's work, and we think this Winter Dragon Queen Costume hits the mark perfectly. The fully lined coat features polyester faux fur with long vertical weaving to replicate the screen-worn coat's look. Jon Snow's costume changed up just a bit when he left the Night's Watch, but if you want to go in a Jon Snow Costume, the classic Night's Watch look is your first and best choice.

We've created a worthy replica of that screen style, and it's got gritty styling and extra attention to detail to let you play the part. Top it off with our Dark Northern King wig, and you'll be a ringer for Jon's signature style. As such, he can almost always be found in the typical garb of the Watchers on the Wall.

Greasy, black locks are a signature part of Jon Snow's style, and you can get the look just right with our Dark North King Wig. It doesn't matter what your own hair is like, just slip on this wig and you'll be ready to do battle with the fiercest of enemies. Or, you know, hop into a hot spring cave and kick it with a friend. After all, you can choose whatever adventure you'd like when you're suited up in costume! There is no middle ground. You could be a hero, a villain , the head of a noble house, a knight, or even just a commoner.

There are many ways to play the game! See if any of these ideas give you the inspiration you need to hop into the game!

Dragon Lords of Valdier

For those of you thinking we already showed you all of our Daenarys Targaryen Costumes, don't worry, because we're not out of costume options for her yet! She had an expansive wardrobe over the run of the series, and one of our favorite styles is the dress she wears when she sets sail and returns to her family castle on the island of Dragonstone. We crafted our Women's Dragon Warrior costume in humble homage to that stunning style, we think it's an excellent recreation for all of your dragon inspired costume fun!

He was only featured in the first season of Game of Thrones, but to this day one of our most requested GoT costumes is a Khal Drogo costume. So we made this Nomadic Horse Warrior costume to bring the fierce style of the Dothraki to life. This costume comes with pants, faux fur loincloth, and faux leather accessories to replicate the screen look. The wig and beard are sold separately, should you choose to go full Khal! Arya Stark has come a long way since her water dancing in Season 1.

Through all of her ups and downs, she remained a fan favorite and one of the most popular characters requested when it comes to costumes. So if you're looking to do your own Arya impression, we're sure this Winter Warrior Costume will do the trick.

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We designed this costume to match her Northern style from the later seasons of the show. And the best part of all, with this costume you won't even need a "face" to look just like her! Planning on playing the Game to win? Now we're talking. Of course, if you were looking for a Cersei Lannister Costume, we're sure you'd want to pick out a style that matches the fantastic gown worn when she claims the Iron Throne for herself.

Our costume designers crafted this Lion Queen Armor Gown Costume as a replica of that style, and it's a very worthy homage. Thick textured faux leather is paired with foam shoulder plates and a metal chain to give it its signature style. Ser Jaime Lannister of course! So you're in search of a Tormund Giantsbane costume? You know we've got you covered there.

We crafted our own Wild Warrior costume as homage to the Wildlings north of the wall, and if you'd like to play the part of Tormund, all you really need is a thick red beard. And as it happens, we have a Wild Warrior Beard to go with the costume! With a little red facial hair, the faux suede and fur will definitely have you looking like you reside north of the wall. When you're looking to complete your Game of Thrones costume theme, a trusty sword is sure to go a long way.

Which is exactly why we carry a full assortment of Game of Thrones swords! Our swords are officially licensed and manufactured by Neptune Trading, who worked with HBO to get each weapon's signature details just right.

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  6. Our selection includes most of the named swords featured on the show, but we've got 2 of the most famous ones featured right here, Longclaw and the Catspaw Dagger. Longclaw was the ancestral sword of House Mormont, so we should have been able to figure out that big things were in store for Jon Snow when it was gifted to him by Lord Commander Jorah Mormont. Flash forward a few seasons later, and Jon's using the Valyrian steel sword to battle Boltons, wights, and White Walkers. You can get yourself an HBO officially licensed foam replica when you get our collector's Longclaw Sword. It gets all the details right, like the wolf head on the pommel, and it even comes with a collector's box for safe storing.

    Of all the famous swords featured on the show, it was the small but wicked Catspaw Dagger that played perhaps the most significant role in the events that unfolded.

    follow url We'll let you be the judge of that no spoilers here but in the meantime, you'll definitely want to grab this foam Catspaw Dagger for your collection or to keep at your side when you suit up in an Arya Stark costume. Do your own training to get down a quick hand switch maneuver—you just never know when it may come in handy! There are many memorable moments throughout the series, but when it comes to battle sequences, there's one icy encounter in particular that's sure to stay fresh in fan's minds. And that would be, of course, the fierce battle when Jon Snow's band took on wights and White Walkers on a frozen lake north of the wall.

    Check these Love Your Look images to see if they inspire your next costume cosplay! So Jon and Tormund are stuck on the lake's tiny rock island, remaining safe from Wight attack only due to the thin ice surrounding them.