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King will be remembered primarily as one of the most infuential guitarists in history. His impact is so imbedded in the DNA of the guitar that no player is untouched by his influence. This is on Along with his band, The Rumour which included guitarist Brinsley Schwarz, a legend in his own right , he recorded a handful of essential albums in the '70's and has released a string of great records throught his long career. A notable songwri The Band were I will admit that I can be prone to hyperbole, but I'm convinced this is The Best Album Of The 's and one of the greatest albums of all time.

It is a perfect album. A magnificent song cycle that reveals something new each time you listen to it. A masterwork of songwriting and production. I could go on This song is a blast of pure pop; ca Forget talking about "women who rock", Sass Jordan is one of the best rock vocalists out there, male OR female. This song is from her album, "Rats", which is her hardest-rocking album and, in m One of the most underappreciated bands in rock.

If you do Aretha Franklin recorded over 40 albums during her career; this episode, we revisit a song from her breakthrough album, "I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You" from This was actually her 11th album! Aretha Franklin was probably the single Who's the greatest singer in rock history? You could make an arguement that it's Glenn Hughes. This t Every artist wants to pay tribute to the people who inspired them. No one's ever done it better than The Replacements' tribute to Alex Chilton. This song has a great hook and a chorus that stays with you It's stayed with me so long that I named this podcast after it.

Living under The Beatles' shadow was a blessing and a curse for Badfinger. One of the greatest Power Pop bands of all time, they crafted a catalog of great songs that defined the genre. What more coul The other 3 members are no slouches either-- this was really a band of 4 equal members that could all write great songs. The Bears blend Art-Roc When a great soul singer meets a song by one of the great pop songwriting teams, magic ensues. Al Green takes a song by the Bee Gees and turns it into one of the classic singles of all time.

Let's nurse our broken hearts together as we dig into this amazing song. Please take a minute to share this podcast, and thanks for spreading the word!

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Writing a hit song about writing a hit song? This song has everything a great pop-rock song needs-- a memorable melody, great chorus, smart lyrics and killer vocals. This song always makes me smile.

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USA Inc. Love 'em or hate 'em, Kiss became huge stars after the release of the "Destroyer" album in This is one of my favorite songs on the album, and features some off-the-wall moments like circus instruments, odd time signatures and a mysterious gu Utopia is back together for a reunion tour this Spring , so there's no better time to revisit one of their great songs. I think this era of Utopia pretty much invented "Progressive Pop" and this song is a great example of their songcraft and musical skills.

Paul McCartney

See you on the road to Utopia! And don't forget to share this podcast with friend It's an epic song with brilliant piano by Mike Garson. Let's explore the track and see what makes this masterpiece tick. And if you like the podcast, please share! Tom Petty always knew how to write an anthem, and this is one of his best. A rallying cry for anyone who's been rejected or on the losing side of love. Let's start things off with one of my favorite McCartney songs - a tune most people haven't heard but should've been a big hit.

This song has everything I love about McCartney-- a terrific lead vocal, great bass part, an arragement that keeps evolving and cool production. A brief introduction to this podcast, just to let you know what it's all about. Welcome to Player FM What if radio played only the shows you care about, when you want? Take it with you.

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