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Hopefully, they are able to do as much as they can for their own good, not just for a grade. My primary areas of teaching and research are in the accounting information systems. I have been teaching financial accounting and accounting information systems courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels at GSU.

My research focuses on relational databases and pedagogies in accounting education. I have been involved in services in the University community, Accounting Information Systems professional community, and table tennis community. Currently, I am the coordinator for the undergraduate accounting program at GSU. I have been involved in many college committees. In , I established table tennis team at GSU.

I was the head coach for the team in Our team was ranked 4th and 6th in the National Championships in and , respectively. Curriculum Vitae: Dr Wang. Then you go from point to point, and when in the left-most point, fling yourself to the right. Then just go down to the end of the level. Dearest Hydra, I can't get my ball past level The one that starts with the light blue group of twang lines, which you have to use to get the ball to do a , practically. For 13, just pull the flinger straight back as far as it can go, maybe slightly down too, and release once the ball is against it.

It should go around relatively easily. If you do, just pull straight down until it stops, then release. Ok, on the bottom red slope, fling yourself up and to the right to the red bumper.

Ping and Twang a Place called Two by Edward Parrott

Pull that, fling yourself to the left to a red V. Fling yourself to the right, and and pull the end of the red curve to make yourself fall down to the right, following the stars and the arrow.

Year: 12222

Thank you so much! I thought it was the light blu twang lines bug, but it isn't. Thank you! I was stuck for f3 days on that one Fling yourself to the left, hit a bumper, and have it bounce you into the sign. The whole of that level is made of similar concepts. There's not really a secret to passing it, just be patient and keep trying. Fling up to the right, up to the left, up to the right, pull down the line to follow the stars and arrow down to the right.

All I can say is good luck, it's a stinker. What I do for level 12 is use the purple stretchy, use the end to hold Black Ball against the left wall, and then lift him up to victory.

Calf Muscle Tear

It's easy, fast, safe, and not the way you're supposed to do it. J: Please mention where you are stuck. If you can't even start, go to help or try adjusting the angle of the string - so instead of pulling it down, pull it down AND towards the left i. Also check older posts - they might help.

Hope this helps!

What matters to you, matters to us

Also, pull back the light blue nodes to the maximum, then wait till the ball almost touches it and release. Sometimes this may not be enough, so try doing this and catching the ball with the next group of nodes.

Worked for me! Your ball is inside the square with the enemy. Tip: so as not to put the ball back in its original place - see 1. Here you have a shorter node! Move it a bit to the right touch the corner with the ball and up we go! MJB: Look at the older posts, but I'm having problems with that level too. On the other hand, here's a tip:. Just adjust the angle, as Hydra said sometime ago.

All I can say is, keep trying until you eyes fall out of your head and you throw your computer out the nearest window. I can not stand level 21, and all I can say is good luck.

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I typically die times trying to pass that level. It's a miracle! After 2 weeks I finished level 21!!!

Do you have enough TWANG in your Voice? - Sing with Twang - #DrDan 🎤

Just like Hydra said, my eyeballs were popping out, I was ready to throw out the computer thru the window and myself after it. My advice - keep trying Also, specify where your problem is. I have the newest version of Internet Explorer it's I think!!! Before when I didn't, a window popped out saying that this sight requires By clicking it you installed it but now I can't play Twang - I can't get Flash! Does anybody else have this problem? When you go in tools you can't turn them on, though. Hmmm, the only recommendation I can think of is to switch to Firefox. IE is bust, slow, and overall horrible.

Firefox has handy features such as tabs they got them before IE did and ad-blocking. I gave up using IE long ago. Please help. Cant get past the very first bit on level Really starting to annoy me. How do i get through the level??

Often there's really high friction in Twang, and you can use that to your advantage. Fling the bumps as Black Ball is about to hit them, and they will fling him uphill. Waiting for Black Ball to settle on the flinger bumps just makes things difficult. Hi everybody, hope your all having a good time playing, but isn't it time someone wrote a walkthrough? How do you pass it? The blue pulsing balls, I mean. It takes practice but it gets easier.

Year: 12222

Anyway, if uploading videos on Youtube will work for me again, I could do a video walkthrough for Twang like I did for Hot Air 1. It's just not as fun a thing to walkthrough though as I'm not nearly as good at it as I am at Hot Air. Black Ball grinned as he looked at his winnings. Blue Ball looked on tearful. Why did he have to bet that Black Ball could cross the magic ocean without getting wet? It was a nice theme, and it requires Luna, which they also ditched. I hope Windows 7, the next version of Windows, provides us with them.

Ping and Twang a Place called Two

Could someone tell me how to get past Lvl 10? The place where it says,"If you want to get into the right-hand basket, you'll have to pick the perfect moment! I am totally stuck on level I've been able to fling myself up a little to grab onto another pink section, but that does me no good because when I let go I just get stuck again.

LVL 7 walkthrough: Lift up the first blue one and let him through. Lift up the second blue one and let him through. Lift up the third blue one, let him through then put it under him it use it as an elevator-like to put him on the dark blue ones. When you go on the pink lines, fling into the right-up and lift the blue thing to let him through. Lift him into the one right-up and when the dino-thing is into let him through. Do the same with the second one. The third one, put the purple face in the hole, It takes a few trys but you CAN get it right.

Lift up the blue one and let him through. Then lift down the blue line and lift it up again when you get on, do this FAST. Roll into the other line and when you're on lift it up to the other line, do this fast too. Now, you are at the finish! But how do you get through LVL 15?