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This is a pause in life to be lived deeply, an elopement to enlight your union and your Love. The content will not be written as in other ceremonies. This celebration is experienced with several symbolic acts, it is felt with hearts and bodies in a total presence and in connection with yourself and your loved one.

You will need : your hands, your eyes, your 5 Senses! You will pronounce your vows. You will exchange your marital rings but other gifts can be selected with symbolic and personal value, such as offerings. You will have to collect some items for decoration and rituals, like candles, flowers, incense, fabrics, cushions, carpets, pictures, equipment for listening to music, And what else? And smiles, emotions, laughter and tears, soothing and feelings of gratitude, a new perception of you and your loved one, with gentleness, tenderness, respect , reverence Plan for one hour but please understand that in this special break in your lives, the notion of time is lost, leaving the whole place to the magic and the truth of the present.

The morning sunrise is perfect.

You can also enjoy a romantic getaway after booking a loving nest in a charming hotel, or perhaps in an unusual place: a tree house, a yurt, a forest cabin, This moment is part of the ceremony. The couple has to arrange the entire Sacred Temple where they will celebrate their wedding, to decorate and perfume it, to install everything that contributes to its' comfort, to feel secure and isolated from the outside for a moment in order to honor the inner world.

Agathia suggests to you to prepare a meal together in which the Senses will continue to be used, to savor and enjoy it in your Temple, to provide massage oils and incense for your Tantric honey moon! To go into Nature to taste everything that has been awakened, to share it with the flowers, the trees, the land, the river water or the rain!

The Tantric Path to Intimacy. Thu, Dec 12, pm. Private Venue, Oakland, CA. Share The Tantric Path to Intimacy with your friends. Save The Tantric Path to Intimacy to your collection. Illuminati Congo. Thu, Dec 5, pm. Share Illuminati Congo with your friends. Save Illuminati Congo to your collection. Tantra Foundations - Chakra Activation. Thu, Nov 21, pm.

Share Tantra Foundations - Chakra Activation with your friends. Save Tantra Foundations - Chakra Activation to your collection. Fri, Jan 24, pm. Sun, Dec 1, pm. Meta Villa, Woodside, CA. Wed, Dec 11, pm. She is passionate about the healing of woman of their shame around their sexuality, helping them to uncover their inner sacred jewel.

Dawn is an American living part time in NYC, having lived primarily in Israel for the past 10 years and teaching internationally. She is the co-founder of KabaLove — School of Love in Kabala, along with her beloved Ohad she teaches the way of sacred relationships and spirituality.

Currently, she is creating a collaborative mythological, interactive Ritual theatre. Adrian Atma is performing an incredible solo with a loop station, acoustic instruments, beatbox, and voice. He plays guitar, sitar, violin, bansuri, and duduk. Adrian can be called a real "One-Man-Orchestra". His creativity and inspirations are connected to Indian music, Gypsy style and sounds from the Middle East. Originally from France, Adrian has been traveling all over the world for several years and got inspired by different kinds of traditional music.

Discover The Art Of Sacred Sexuality - Psalm Isadora

Being a yogi and adept of meditation his music is infused by his practice. Cim is a freelance photographer with a passion to capture the real and genuine aspects of life.

PDF The Art of Tantra (Relationship Collection)

When she shoots portraits and seeks to capture what lies behind the constructed masks and roles we usually put on. And in her art projects, she often uses herself as the subject and creates a visual representation of what is going on within her emotionally. Being tired of the happy masks we often show people she often seeks to capture parts of our darkness, pain, and sadness. To often hidden, or only shown in porn or in a medical context is the most sacred part, the place where life starts; the yoni.

Tantra is an Art of Love

This has to change! Let's see more of our yonis, in celebration and joy! An art project that invites women to honor their yoni! A photo exhibition that doesn't only highlights how we are perfect the way we are; similar yet unique. But also gives her a place to shine on her own, dressing her up in color and glitter! A deep meditation, a holy communion and a dance with the force of creation. His mission in life is to help people experience lasting happiness through honesty and healthy sexual expression. As hands-on as the festival allows. Rob trained in Classical theatre and Comedy Improvisation where he first got addicted to the taste of presence.

Practicing Bioenergetics since , he found an instant connection with it, in particular the aspect of allowing the body to unwind stuff without too much stories of the mind. His approach is grounded and deep but fun and heart-full without any spiritual BS. Rob is trained in group therapy and emotional release techniques and his training in Bioenergetic therapy was with Namaste in Brazil. He runs retreats in the UK and abroad as well and giving individual and group sessions in London.

At the young age of 16 he began the search for Self by exploring different aspects of Tantra that rapidly and completely changed his life.

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His intense and ongoing research resides in the field of tantra, alchemy, mysticism, and humanistic psychotherapy. Peter Petersen has been studying and teaching Sheng Zhen Qigong since He also facilitates a moving meditation called the 5 Element Dance that he uses with his qigong practice. This is a merging of the qigong movements with ecstatic dance music, that creates love and joy to come pouring from one's heart.

Peter has helped thousands of students unlock a doorway to their own physical, mental, and spiritual healing processes.

Sinta Tantra - Wikipedia

This method helps to collect, store, and move energy and creates benefits that are limitless for the body and mind. Peter has traveled with Monique for over the last 3 years teaching Tantra and movement all over the world. These movements can help open the heart and allow unconditional love to flow to and from your soul. Janie discovered dancing at a very young age. It allowed her to express herself freely and tap into so much joy.